5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Crickets Behind the Fridge

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cricket behind a fridge

Are you tired of hearing the chirping sound and seeing your houseguests jump every time they hear it? There are a lot of ways to get rid of crickets behind the fridge, but we will focus on a couple of easy solutions.

The best way to remove a cricket from behind your fridge is to move the unit and capture or kill it. When this isn’t possible, use bait traps to clear the area. If you want a more natural solution, you can use temperature or certain scents to get rid of crickets behind your appliances.

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Another popular method is using Borax which has been found by some sources as being effective against crickets living near food stores or kitchens – but not inside them! You may want to try this if you’ve noticed an infestation around your kitchen countertops. Just sprinkle borax over any surfaces where crickets are congregating and leave it to work its magic.

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Solutions to getting rid of crickets behind your fridge.

Crickets are pretty harmless but certainly a pest because of the incessant noise they make chirping to each other at all times of the day. If you’ve located one in your kitchen and can’t get at it, especially behind the fridge, then you can use one of the following methods.

Move the fridge and capture the critter

Move the fridge

If you have a small enough fridge, move it and see if the cricket is somewhere underneath. It’s best to use gloves or tongs (if possible) when doing this in case there are any roaches around that will start crawling towards your food.

While you have the fridge out of the way, give the area a really good clean.. You might find a dead cricket or roach that you didn’t even know was there.

If the fridge is too heavy to move, then try scraping up any loose dirt and debris around it before putting your hand inside for capture. If this doesn’t work, go on to our next suggestions below.

Lure the crickets out

use bait to move the crickets

If you can’t physically lift the fridge or it’s too fiddly (see one of the paragraphs below for a solution), you can use a sticky bait trap to make sure no crickets can live behind your fridge.

Place the sticky traps along the sides or under your fridge and as far back as you can. Over a couple of days, you’ll more than likely be successful in capturing one or more crickets.

You might have to put up with an annoying sticky trap for a while, but it will eventually do its job and get rid of all those crickets behind your fridge! You’ll be able to go back in peace!

Blast the crickets out

use ultrasonic sound to move the crickets

Crickets are one of the few pests which have been scientifically proven to react negatively to ultrasonic pest repellers. They really don’t like the high-frequency pulses from these devices.

If you plug one in behind your fridge, they’ll ‘fly out’ of the area and never come back. You might just be able to enjoy a bug-free zone for once!

However, just be aware that an ultrasonic pest control emitter isn’t going to offer total protection to your home. As all pests eventually get used to them, you need to act quickly to keep any further crickets out of your home. See the paragraphs below for more details.

Blow crickets out

use compressed air to move the crickets

A blast from an air compressor will do wonders too – if it’s powerful enough (anything less than 40 PSI) won’t work well at all and will just be a waste of time.

A good starting point is to find an air compressor that outputs at least 70 PSI – this should get rid of any crickets in just seconds, leaving you with no more worries about the pesky things!

Just plug it into your power outlet and blast away for two minutes and try to manipulate it so that it pushes the crickets around and out from behind the fridge.

Freeze the cricket out

use cold temperatures to move the crickets

Crickets do much better at temperatures of around 80°F, so if you can turn up the air conditioner or direct a fan directly towards the back of the fridge they should actually leave.

This is another good option because the cold will also keep anything else from coming in behind the fridge – so not only does this stop crickets but also cockroaches for example! Make sure that your

Best DIY Cricket products

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Why is there a cricket behind my fridge?

Crickets like to come into human homes because they are attracted to the warmth and what they think is an abundance of food. In fact, there isn’t much food for them in our homes, which explains why they often start destroying our soft furnishings.

To keep them out, make sure your shoes or slippers don’t have crickets inside before bringing them into the house -the same is true for blankets from picnics, clothes drying on a line, and firewood for your log burner.

The reason why they may behind your fridge is that they love any damp area because it helps them hydrate. The place under a fridge often has water leaking and condensation.

How do you lure a cricket out of hiding?

Although most of the common bait traps you have around the home for roaches or ants probably won’t work on crickets, you can probably find ingredients already in your pantry to do the job.


What you’ll need:

8 ounces granular (not liquid) boric acid

(By the way, keep this away from pets and small children, as it is really not good for them. )

1/2 cup flour

1 cup sugar

1 small onion, chopped

1/4 cup bacon drippings

A few drops of water


In order to make these baited cricket traps you’ll need flour, boric acid or sugar (both work well), chopped onion mixed in creamed bacon grease and water until a soft dough forms.

Make sure this concoction goes into some small plastic containers as it will eat through waxed paper leaving an undesirable greasy residue on any surface you place them on but if these baits get too thin they’ll just fall apart anyway so don’t worry about presentation— let go with creativity!

Once you have the bait traps ready, you can place them near or under your fridge. When the crickets, and any other pests around, ingest the boric acid they will slowly die over the coming hours and days.

This bait mixture has been said to be very effective against a lot of different species of crickets. However, It can also be harmful if ingested by humans so keep your hands off of the dough!

How to move a fridge out of a tight space

One strategy for moving a refrigerator from tight space starts with first protecting the sides against damage. If possible, slide some sheets of cardboard or at least heavy paper between the walls and fridge.

Also, don’t forget to make the fridge as light as you can by emptying it of any food and drink inside as well as disconnecting it from power and water, if you have an ice machine.

Many refrigerators actually do have roller wheels on them underneath which are only secured in place by fixed feet that screw down into contact with floor once the appliance has been placed correctly; if you unscrew these away from the ground (you may need to remove the front bottom grille) it should be much easier roll the fridge out of its niche.

A fridge is a bulky appliance that can be difficult to move and maneuver. It may seem like it would be hard for you to get the refrigerator out of your tight space but there are products available in hardware stores or online designed specifically for this purpose, such as Ram Board (temporary floor protection).

This material looks almost exactly what you need in order to protect both the walls and floors while moving something so large into place. Consider visiting Home Depot today

Another option, which can be messier is to use a lubricated cloth.

First, lift the front end up as much as possible. Next, place some oil-soaked cloth below the two back legs and tighten it with straps going around horizontally near the top and bottom parts of the appliance.

Now slowly pull on one strap at either side until they reach an angle that will help release enough tension for its back feet to rise off from ground level while still being able to hold them in position by tightening down each belt more if needed before trying another step towards getting your refrigerator free.

Make sure that whenever possible you have a spotter to make sure that the fridge is moving straight out of the niche and that it doesn’t somehow topple over onto you. They are also another set of hands to pull.

How do you get crickets to shut up?

By far the best way to silence crickets that are making a complete racket in your home is to turn down the heat. Crickets are really at their most content around 80°F and this is when they will want to feed and breed, and of course talk about it.

If you can’t turn down the heat, then try to make your home much less desirable for them by filling it with as many of their natural predators (cats) and competitors like cockroaches. And last but not least, keep windows closed!

How do you keep crickets away naturally & what smells do they hate?

The fact of the matter is that crickets really don’t do much damage to your home and aren’t a physical threat to humans, they are just a noisy nuisance. So, it’s understandable if most people don’t want to kill them outright.

So here are some ideas to help deter them naturally:

Essential Oils

Crickets are pesky little creatures that can cause major disruptions in the home. The most effective way to get rid of them is by using essential oils, which act as a natural repellent for crickets.

There are about four or five different types of oil you could use but each one has its own degree and effectiveness level. Rosemary, thyme,sage, and eugenol (derived from cloves), which is the most effective.

To make sure these insects stay away, spray one or more of these scents all around your house including any cracks or crevices where they may be hiding out waiting for unsuspecting mates to happen along.

Live traps

The use of live traps for catching crickets can be useful if you are looking to catch and dispose of them. Live trapping is great for those who enjoy fishing- it makes a fantastic bait! If your pets include lizards, snakes, or any other type of reptile then they make an excellent snack as well.

To collect more than one cricket at a time simply place some lettuce in the bottom of a small container with a light source shining on top before placing something over it that will allow airflow but not escape; by morning you should have gathered dozens without much effort what so ever.

At the very least, if you put this trap by your fridge you’ll get that one who’s being chirping behind it.

Drying them out

Contrary to what you might think, crickets need a lot of moisture in order to live. If you remove all the wet or damp spots around your house then they will be gone and won’t come back!

You should take note of areas where it is dark and moist, like basements or attics with leaks. Wherever there are any places that could potentially have some water damage going on.

Then either fix whatever caused the leak if possible by repairing plumbing fixtures for example, but just don’t forget about installing dehumidifiers at those same locations because without no humidity these little critters can’t survive anywhere near as well as when they do find themselves inside such an environment since their only sources may otherwise be outside during

Beer can trap

You won’t believe how simple, yet effective this trap is. The bait is of course the beer. After drinking a beer, leave a little in the bottom of the can (or even a bottle) and lay it down on its side on the ground.

This will work well if you put that inside an area where you have seen crickets previously. Once they crawl into your traps and drink up all your delicious beverage left for them at their last stop before going to sleep… They find themselves stuck!

You can then humanely release the cricket, or crickets, outside.

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